Possibly the shortest illustrator you’ll come to know living under a grassy hill somewhere in the middle of New Jersey.

Prone to awkward gestures with fluctuating volume control, children often consider her to be in good company. Smiles and laughter are just some of the many reasons why it’s rewarding to create art for children.

However, there’s inspiration a plenty to be had geeking out over pop culture as well, which has manifested a medley of artistic styles and designs contrasted against other more whimsical illustrations.

Photoshop being the primary tool, especially for comics, but pencils, watercolor, and gauche can often make appearances with regards to children’s projects.

Presently working as artist for The MOTHER Principle, comics and character design are of particular interest to work on. However, working at the fabric boutique Just Make It Sew has also provided a unique opportunity creating personalized fabric designs.

For any interest in commissions it’s best addressed through email, but pleasantries are always welcome on twitter and tumblr where you’re likely to find this hobbit.