Gamer Feels

Games, certainly my first love, and something which I will always return to no matter how far my interests spread.

The best thing about them is how much they’ve grown in creativity and diversity since I was young. Not that I don’t mind the nostalgia of revisiting an NES system getting to launch coins out of bricks as Mario or trying to avoid having a certain dog snickering at you from the grass after missing the shot to take down a duck.

In the past several years, one of the games I’ve most enjoyed is the gorgeous SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS. Even more exciting is their long awaited follow up, THE LAST GUARDIAN, will soon be released. After the news cropped up again at E3, I was so thrilled I couldn’t help but sketch up a fun tribute to the main characters. I especially love the design for Trico, the chimera like creature who you’ll be able to interact with, so I couldn’t resist getting to flex a bit with some concept sketches based on him too.



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