We know ’em, we love ’em, we can’t escape ’em. As if the world isn’t already saturated in superhero franchises these days, but there’s one that I’ve grown a bit fond of even though it’s aimed at a young audience. It’s always nice to see though when the superhero community becomes more inclusive towards girls.

Miraculous Ladybug is a great example of a fun show with an awesome heroine at its helm working to protect the city of Paris with her male counter-part. The interesting thing is that the creator was inspired by Spider-Man for creating the lead, Ladybug, and even Cat Woman for her partner, Cat Noir. I couldn’t resist wanting to pay homage to Spider-Man with a little Ladybug flare–though SpiderGwen has been a huge inspiration for restyling her outfit, and since I couldn’t leave out Cat Noir I used a SpiderGwen illustration as inspiration for him. It was quite fun being able to take originally male and female focused illustrations, swapping the genders, and reimagining them with new characters.

Alex Ross and Sara Pichelli are the amazing illustrators who inspired these fun pieces.


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